The Daedalus Foundation was established in 1998 as a non-profit, charitable organization and was subsequently accorded tax-exempt--501 (c) (3) status--by the US Internal Revenue Service.

how can you help?

The initial devastation in Haiti is being met with enormous global emergency response to provide those affected with basic needs.   

Relief, restoration, and recovery of Haiti will be a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process. 

The problem is that donor interest will wane and disaster fatigue will commence soon. 

We must meet the obligation within Haiti and take the long view of its recovery by creating a concerted and continual flow of donations to sustain the work there. 

Please join Daedalus in both an immediate and sustained effort to assist in restoration and recovery in Haiti. Donate now! 

 Rather than sending money for general purposes, we will concentrate upon identifiable projects—projects that you will be able to find on the map—and know that you are a part. There will be opportunities to volunteer. If interested, contact us.

our principles

Three components are of primary importance to the projects undertaken by Daedalus: they must have a humanitarian basis, be environmentally sound, and promote sustainable economic growth.


Through the use of technology, The Daedalus Foundation allows you to travel virtually to Haiti and experience the reality faced by earthquake victims..

The Daedalus Foundation would like to thank Immersive Media for providing access to their interactive video services. Together, we are able to increase awareness of the post-earthquake devastation through a "ground truth" experience.

Visit Immersive Media

Rue Baussan

Rose Window of Cathedral

St Cyr To Rue Fernand

Tour de Port-au-Prince

Avenue Martin Luther King

Canape Vert Neighborhood

Musseau Neighborhood

Nazon Neighborhood

Zone Predailler Neighborhood